• Price List For 
    DNA/paternity test

    Price List For 
    DNA/paternity test

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DNA/Paternity Test & Sperm Analysis Price List

DNA/Paternity Test & Sperm Analysis Price List

Lister Clinic | Dr. Maphisa & Partners Inc.

The first visit is for counselling, documentation and completion of pathology/laboratory referral forms. An appointment is therefore NOT required. After your first visit, you can book a date for collection of bloods at the laboratory. Please note that all parties should attend the first and second visit without fail, as this is a legal requirement.

Minor children: If the child is a minor (under 18 years old), the mother of the child, alleged father as well as the child are all required to be present.

Required documents: You should bring the following original documents: The mother and alleged father should bring the following original documents; ID book or Passport. The child must have a birth certificate or hospital letter.

Results: It takes up to two weeks to get the DNA/paternity test results. 

For transparency, both parents are required to be present to receive a copy of the results directly from the doctor. Please note that all parties should be present when results are collected and explained without fail, as it is a legal requirement.

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DNA/Paternity Test 
(Prices exclude consultation fees of R600; Total: R3400 for two people) 
R 1 400
Per person
Sperm Analysis 
(Prices exclude consultation fees of R600; Total: R1 730) 
R 1 130
Consultation fees

Consultation Fees

Lister Clinic | Dr. Maphisa & Partners Inc.

Prices do NOT include x-rays, HSG, CT Scan, Ultrasound, ECG, laboratory tests and other investigations.

Consultation + Medication (Applies to both adults & children)R 600
If required, x-rays, HSG, CT scans, ultrasound, ECG, laboratory tests and other investigations are charged separately/extra.

For more information and prices, please go to the relevant price lists.
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Reviews + Medication (Applicable within 7 days of your last date of consultation. After 7 days the full consultation fees of R600 are applicable)
R 300
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